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Chicago - Chicago VII (1974) [2002 Rhino Expanded Remaster]
EAC v0.99 Prebeta 5 | Lame Frontend 1.3 | MP3 320 kbps | 183.5 Mb | Full Artwork

Originally released in 1974 as 2 LP set. Remastered in 2002. Contains 1 bonus track.

Humble Pie - Street Rats (1975) (Remastered 2007)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks)+CUE, LOG | 298 MB | MP3 VBR V0 | 94 MB | HQ Artwork
Hard Rock, R&B, Blues-Rock | Label: Universal / A&M Records | Catalog Number: UICY-93225 | Depositfiles, Hotfile, Bitroad, Up-File, Filefactory

The Kinks Present A Soap Opera
Velvel Records DSD Remastered Hybrid CD/SACD 2004
Eac Flac | No Log or Cue | Velvel HDCD Scans | ~379 Mb | RS
Original 1975 | 52:29 min | Bonus Tracks | Classic Rock

From the late-1960s through the mid-1970s, The Kinks released a number of rock operas, among them VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY I & II, ARTHUR, SCHOOLBOYS IN DISGRACE and SOAP OPERA. Released in 1975, SOAP OPERA was seen as rock & roll theater at its most charmingly absurd. The band, which viewed the project as a Ray Davies vehicle, wondered aloud if SOAP OPERA would be their last recording together. Out of this strife, however, emerged one of The Kinks more eccentric and accomplished records--due in no small part to Ray's genius.
A heavily orchestrated work that's as much edgy musical theater as it is rock & roll, SOAP OPERA ruminates over the nature of family, fame and art. And it does so with a knowing smile, as in the opening track "Everybody's A Star," or with surprising poignancy, as in the country-styled "Have Another Drink." SOAP OPERA is a fascinating and often overlooked magnum opus within The Kinks vast catalog.
Pink Floyd - 8 CD's On LOSSLESS

Pink Floyd - 8 CD's On LOSSLESS
1967 - 1977 | Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock | Label: Capitol / EMI
LOSSLESS (FLAC+Wv.Img+Log+Cue) +Scans | 1.6 GB | RS

this is a Collection of pink floyd's Albums from the years 1967-1977, it includes the Albums:
1967 - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
1968 - A Saucerful Of Secrets
1969 - Soundtrack From The Film More
1969 - UmmaGumma
1970 - Atom Heart Mother
1971 - Meddle
1972 - Obscured by Clouds
1977 - Animals

Time Life - Guitar Rock (1968 - 1979)
Rock | VBR mp3 320kbs | 854 MB
Various | Label: Time Life Music | Release: 1994

Time–Life added music in 1962, selling box sets and collections through Time–Life Records, eventually advertising these collections through infomercials (including Superstars of Country and 70's Music Explosion), which often air in the early morning (3 am to 6 am). When Time merged with Warner Communications in 1989, the label became a Time Warner division. Warner Music Group, which grouped all of Time-Warner's music companies, was sold to a group of investors led by Edgar Bronfman, Jr. in late 2003.

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World (RCA PCD1-4816 Japan)
Rock | Lossless FLAC | 1970 | Log &Cue | EAC | RS | 260MB

Even though it contained no hits, The Man Who Sold the World, for most intents and purposes, is the beginning of David Bowie's classic period. Working with guitarist Mick Ronson and producer Tony Visconti for the first time, Bowie developed a tight, twisted heavy guitar rock that appears simple on the surface but sounds more gnarled upon each listen. The mix is off-center, with the fuzz-bass dominating the compressed, razor-thin guitars and Bowie's strangled, affected voice. The sound of The Man Who Sold the World is odd, but the music is bizarre itself, with Bowie's bizarre, paranoid futuristic tales melded to Ronson's riffing and the band's relentless attack. Musically, there isn't much innovation on The Man Who Sold the World — it is almost all hard blues-rock or psychedelic folk-rock — but there's an unsettling edge to the band's performance, which makes the record one of Bowie's best albums.
Yahel - Hoenig - Moreno - Blake - Jazz Side Of The Moon (The Music Of Pink Floyd)

Yahel - Hoenig - Moreno - Blake - Jazz Side Of The Moon
(The Music Of Pink Floyd)
Released: 2008 | Publisher: Chesky
Jazz, Fusion, Psychedelic, Classic Rock | MP3 @ 320 kbps +Scans |137 MB
Total Time: 55:29 | RS

A wonderful Jazz Version Of Pink Floyd's
'Dark Side of the Moon' by Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig, Mike Moreno, Seamus Blake.

David Bowie - Hunky Dory [RCA PCD1-4623 Japan]
Rock | Lossless FLAC | 1971 | Covers | Log &Cue | EAC | RS | 250MB

After the freakish hard rock of The Man Who Sold the World, David Bowie returned to singer/songwriter territory on Hunky Dory. Not only did the album boast more folky songs ("Song for Bob Dylan," "The Bewlay Brothers"), but he again flirted with Anthony Newley-esque dancehall music ("Kooks," "Fill Your Heart"), seemingly leaving heavy metal behind. As a result, Hunky Dory is a kaleidoscopic array of pop styles, tied together only by Bowie's sense of vision: a sweeping, cinematic mlange of high and low art, ambiguous sexuality, kitsch, and class. Mick Ronson's guitar is pushed to the back, leaving Rick Wakeman's cabaret piano to dominate the sound of the album. The subdued support accentuates the depth of Bowie's material, whether it's the revamped Tin Pan Alley of "Changes," the Neil Young homage "Quicksand," the soaring "Life on Mars?," the rolling, vaguely homosexual anthem "Oh! You Pretty Things," or the dark acoustic rocker "Andy Warhol." On the surface, such a wide range of styles and sounds would make an album incoherent, but Bowie's improved songwriting and determined sense of style instead made Hunky Dory a touchstone for reinterpreting pop's traditions into fresh, postmodern pop music.

The Zombies - Zombie Heaven [4 CD Box Set-Lossless]
EAC FLAC CUE LOG | 1.09 GB + 3% recovery | RS | rec.1964-1968 | CD 1997
Pop rock, beat, psychedelic

Zombie Heaven is a 1997 four-disc box set comprising roughly the entire catalog of British invasion band The Zombies. The first disc comprises their debut 'Begin Here' (1965) and assorted singles. The second disc features their sophomore effort 'Odessey and Oracle' and the unreleased album 'R.I.P.'. Disc Three is composed of rare and unissued recordings, including demos and alternate takes, while the fourth disc collects live recordings from the band's appearance on the BBC.

Queen Night At The Opera (DVD-Audio DTS 24/96 Six-Channel rip)
1975/2002 | Genre: Rock, Audiophile | DVD-A Rip 24-bit/96kHz 5.1 Channel DTS Surround | FLAC+HQ scans | 2.1GB

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