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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works Volume 2
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 266 Mb | 44,1KHz | Covers | 1977

Traffic - Shootout At The Fantasy Factory
MFSL Ultradisc II UDCD 669 (1996)
Eac Wavpack | Cue + AccurateRip Log (No EAC LOG!) | HQ Scans | ~232 Mb | RS
Original 1973 | 37:11 min | Classic Rock

Traffic has reached its creative peak with Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory. The band now had a large line-up, with three percussionists, one of them being guest. Capaldi, the original drummer switching to the guitars, though. All the songs were Winwood/Capaldi compositions, apart from the excellent instrumental Tragic Magic, composed by Wood, with great saxophone and piano arrangements. The sound of the album is very similar to the sound of the predecessor, but this time all the songs are longer and have more delicate arrangements. Apart from the opener, Shoot Out the Fantasy Factory, which has a heavy guitar riff and is the closest Traffic ever got to hard rock, all the other songs are mellow, with highlights to the piano and organ interplay and the long jazzy jamming parts. Progarchives

Steve Winwood - Talking Back To The Night
MFSL UltraDisc II UDCD 674 (1996)
EAC Wavpack | Log + Cue | Scans | ~247 Mb | RS
Original 1982 | 40:38 | Rock

Okay, so after missing with his first solo album, Steve Winwood had hit the jackpot with his second, Arc of a Diver, finally fulfilling his enormous promise. What did he do next? He returned to the record racks only a year-and-a-half later with this retread, which attempted to turn the "While You See a Chance" sound into a formula and to a large extent succeeded, unfortunately. "Valerie" (Number 70 U.S., Number 51 U.K.), the leadoff track, had that same keyboard sound and tempo, and Winwood kept it up for much of the rest of the record, including the album's biggest U.S. single, "Still in the Game" (Number 47)

Queen - Made In Heaven (1995) [Japanese Remastered 2001]
EAC Rip | Flac (image+.cue+log) - 422 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 165 MB | Covers - 58 MB
Genre: Rock | RAR 3% Rec.

Спустя четыре года после смерти Фредди Меркьюри, оставшиеся члены группы выпустили этот альбом, в котором к сохранившимся вокальным записям Фредди были сделаны новые аранжировки.
roy harper lifemask

Roy Harper- Lifemask (1972)
Folk-Rock | 1CD | EAC | FLAC | CUE | LOG | only internet cover
Science Friction HUCD005 (1994) | RAR +5% recovery | 270 MB

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - First Mastering Harvest Issue (1983)
Rock | EAC| FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 288 MB | 4 Files | 1 CD | Complete 300 dpi Scans
Rock | Label:Harvest | RAR 3% Rec. | Rapidshare

Many still consider this the finest mix and issue
Mastering Number 1 – Sony (Japan) Mastering
Track Peak Levels: 39.9 / 43.3 / 70.1 / 55.2 / 72.3 / 44.5 / 53.9 / 54.6 / 61.2
First issue - Harvest Records, catalog number CDP 7 46001 2, black Harvest label, Made in Japan on label

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sounds of South MCA Years (1973-1988) Japan Limited Press PROMO 7 titles (8 Mini-LP CD) BOX
2007 | Rock | eac/cue/log/flacs/covers | 8CD 3,36GB
Universal UICY-90400/7

Album Description
Limited Edition eight CD box set featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd's original MCA albums digitally remastered and expanded and housed in miniature LP sleeves. Included in this box are: Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd (1973/five bonus tracks), Second Helping (1974/three bonus tracks), Nuthin' Fancy (1975/two bonus tracks), Gimme Back My Bullets (1976/two bonus tracks), the two disc One More For The Road (1976/eight bonus tracks), Street Survivors (1977/five bonus tracks) and Southern By The Grace Of God: Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Tour Vol. One. Universal.

Todd Rundgren - Somethin/Anything? (1972)
Rock | EAC| FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 615 MB | 7 Files | 2 CDs |
Complete 300 dpi Scans | Label:MFSL | RAR 3% Rec. | Rapidshare

This double record from 1972 remains the definitive collection of Rundgren's long career. With Rundren acting as a one-man-band for three-quarters of the session, it was also his bid for a Ph.D. from the college of musical knowledge. He deserved the degree for simply writing the lead-off track, "I Saw the Light," a melodic pop-rock gem that remains Rundgren's greatest hit. Rundgren excels at Beatles-esque pop-rock ("Couldn't I Just Tell You," "Wolfman Jack") and Philadelphia-styled soul ballads ("It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference," "Hello, It's Me"). He also sticks his toe into heavy metal ("Black Maria"), jazz-rock fusion ("Breathless"), and cerebral pop ("The Night the Carousel Burnt Down"). Like most double albums, there's fat on the play-list, but the best of Something/Anything gave credence to Rundgren's boast of being a wizard and a true star. --John Milward

Grateful Dead - History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Warner 2721-2) (US 1988)
1988 | FLAC | EAC, LOG & CUE | 300dpi Artwork Scans | 253 MB

Frank Zappa - The Lumpy Money project/object (2009)

The Lumpy Money Project/Object is a box set by Frank Zappa. The set commemorates the 40th anniversary of both Zappa's first solo album, Lumpy Gravy (originally planned to be released in late 1967, but not available until May 1968), and his 1968 record We're Only in It for the Money with The Mothers of Invention. It is a 3-CD set, and is official release #85 and second in the series of 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa Audio Documentaries (with The MOFO Project/Object released in December 2006 celebrating Freak Out! being the first)
All Music produced/composed & performed/conducted by Frank Zappa.
This Disc: Mastering & audio restoration engineer — John Polito, 2008.
The Final Word
Track Name: Lonely Little Girl [© 1967 zft]
From the Album: LUMPY MONEY copyright 2008 Zappa Records
This is the original SINGLE that preceded the release of We're Only In It For The Money in 1967. It is unique in concept and construct and certainly bears no resemblance or assemblance (and why should it) to anything that was current then, on or off the charts. Lumpy Money is it's debut on a CD.

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