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The Kentucky Headhunters - Flying Under The Radar
MP3 320 Kbps | Covers | 2 RS Files | 138 Mb
Genre: Country Rock

The Kentucky Headhunters is a Grammy Award-winning American country rock band. It was founded in 1968 as Itchy Brother, which comprised brothers Richard Young (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Fred Young (drums) along with Greg Martin (lead guitar, vocals) and Anthony Kenney (bass guitar, vocals). The Young brothers and Martin began performing as The Kentucky Headhunters in 1986, adding brothers Ricky Lee Phelps (lead vocals, harmonica) and Doug Phelps (bass guitar, vocals) to the membership.

With the release of its 1989 debut album Pickin' on Nashville via Mercury Records, the band charted four straight Top 40 country hits. A second album for Mercury, Electric Barnyard, did not do as well commercially, and the Phelps brothers left after its release to form Brother Phelps. Kenney re-joined and Mark S. Orr took over on lead vocals for 1993's Rave On!! and a compilation album entitled The Best of The Kentucky Headhunters: Still Pickin' before the band exited Mercury. Orr left and Doug Phelps rejoined in 1996 for the album Stompin' Grounds, also leading on the Audium Entertainment albums Songs from the Grass String Ranch and Soul, as well as Big Boss Man and a second compilation, Flying Under the Radar, on CBuJ Entertainment. After Kenney's departure, Doug once again took over as bass guitarist. The Kentucky Headhunters has released seven studio albums, two compilations, and twenty singles, of which the highest-peaking is the #8 "Oh Lonesome Me" from early 1990. In addition, the band has won three Country Music Association awards and an Academy of Country Music award.

Stuart Davis - Discography (1993-2008)
6 Studio Albums | MP3 CBR@320kbps (609MB) | All lyrics included
Post-Apocalyptic Folk-Punk-Rock | Dharma Pop | Singer/Songwriter

Stuart Davis is an american musician and songwriter from Minnesota, currently residing in Boulder, CO. His music contains elements of folk, punk, rock, pop, haiku, and progressive rock. He describes his musical style as 'Post-Apocalyptic Folk Punk Rock' or 'Dharma Pop'. Davis is also a member of the art branch of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, and in recent years has become more active in multimedia endeavors that showcase his comedic writing and interviewing skills, and his passion for Eastern and Western spirituality. Costellonews described Davis as a singer/songwriter...known on the indie circuit for his Buddhist-Muslim-Hindu-Taoist-Jew-Christian-infused brand of biting pop/folk... He has been performing throughout the United States and Europe since 1993. To date, Davis has sold over 40,000 albums worldwide.

The Millenium Collection - The best pop music of the 20th Century (20CD)
EAC rip | Flac (Images) | Cue Sheet | Log | Full Covers | 8,28 GB
Year: 2000 | Label: DISKY | Genre: Pop/Rock | Collection |

Pelageya - Pelageya (Пелагея)
Rock-Pop | MP3 192 Kbps | 76,2 MB | RapidShare
Language: Russian

It becomes clear very quickly while listening to their music that the group "Pelageya" is about many things: modern tunes as well as old traditions; desire to turn today's youth towards authentic Russian folk singing; constant effort to be on par with the best that modern music avant-garde offers; endless search of its own style, while at the same time freely sampling the best of modern musical achievements; experiments with sound and vocal techniques; and attempts to bring back to stage the song as a true theatrical performance, the song as a mystery.

Paul Simon - The Studio Recordings 1972-2000 [BOX SET] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]
Rock/Folk-Rock | MP3 | EAC / LAME 3.98 V0 (VBR) | 9 CDs | 871 MB

This boxed anthology includes nine solo studio albums the veteran singer-songwriter released between dissolving his epochal partnership with Art Garfunkel and 2000 ably underscores the long-term pursuit of those eclectic tastes. Digitally remastered, each of the albums also contain bonus demos and outtakes; culled together, they're essentially an additional double-album's worth of raw insight into Paul Simon's adventurous creative vision and restless musical soul. —

Ambros singt Waits - Nach Mir Die Sintflut
EAC Rip | FLAC v1.2. CUE, Log | 331 MB | Cover | 1 CD | Label: GIG Records
Catalog Number: 74321 732812 | RAR 3% Rec. | RS Links | TT: 50:48 min
Date CD 2000

Austrian singer/songwriter Wolfgang Ambros sings songs of Tom Waits

Bob Dylan - Plymouth Rock (1997)
FOLK-ROCK | EAC | FLAC + CUE & LOG | 446 MB | Full 600 dpi Scans | RS
Colosseum Records, Unofficial Release | Superb Sound

This is a 'must have' CD. Period. Fans of Rolling Thunder will find this first venue of the tour to be electrifyingly fresh and vibrant. Everything was new, mysterious, and exciting. The stunned audience would have to wait two more months for the release of this mystical music on the 'Desire' LP. As the tour wore on, some of the spontaneous edge began to dull with the wear and tear of life on the road. Fans of 'Desire' will thrill to the encore magic captured in Dylan's voice and in Scarlet Rivera's violin. Fans of soundboard recordings will be blown away by the incredible quality. Fans of quality performance will tear up over the majestic tapestry Dylan and the troupe weave on stage. All seven of the circulating soundboard recordings from Plymouth, and nine primo choice selections from Waterbury; demand to be in every collection.

Yael Deckelbaum - Ground Zero (2009)
Folk/Rock | 1CD | MP3 VBR 203 Kbps | 54.6 Mb
Label: Hatav Hashmini | Language: English

Alberta Cross - Broken Side Of Time (2009)
mp3 320kpbs | 110MB | 44:38 min.
Alternative/ Indie Rock, Alternative Country-Rock

Alberta Cross are a blues and country-influenced roots rock act drawing their sound from the foundation built by the Band and Neil Young. The London group's main members and songwriters are bassist Terry Wolfers and vocalist/guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee, who as a child traveled with his singer/songwriter father. The full band includes John Alexander Ericson (organ) and Seb Sternberg (drums). The self-produced EP The Thief & the Heartbreaker was delivered through the prestigious U.K. label Fiction in May 2007, followed by Broken Side of Time in 2009. <AMG>

Drag the River - Bad at Breaking Up (2009)
mp3 VBR~192kpbs | 64MB

It appeared that alt-country superstars Drag the River were done shortly before the release of their last proper studio effort, You Can't Live This Way. Instead, the indefinite hiatus unexpectedly morphed into sporadic shows -- some with just Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price, others with a full band, and all along a whole "f*ck it, why not?" attitude toward the entire operation. These guys are indeed Bad at Breaking Up, and we're all the beneficiaries; this record collects 20 various rarities, split songs, and 7" tracks that are either hard to find or completely out of print, and although 20 tracks is a lot for any release, there's far more hits than misses to be found in this collection. Fans of Suburban Home's Under the Influence 7" series will immediately recognize the first two tracks here, "Having a Party" and "Jeff Black Song," as being from Drag the River's contribution to that series. Both songs feature a balanced mix of electric and acoustic guitar, and Jon and Chad taking turns singing lead on "Having a Party" is a rare, enjoyable treat. Another definite highlight is the five-plus minute "I Remember Now," a slowly-paced ballad carried by a nice combination of weeping steel guitar, minimal percussion and Chad's vulnerable vocals. An alternate version of "Caleb's Grave" also appears here, and it's a moodier, less polished rendition than the one that ended up on You Can't Live This Way. Few bands can match Drag the River's ability to portray pure, unadulterated somberness, and songs like "Jake Song Too" and "This Star" show the guys do more with less than most bands would dare to attempt, and in the most melancholic way possible. If there's one real fault with Bad at Breaking Up, it's that many of the slower, minimally instrumented songs tend to run together -- at one point there's about eight of them in a row -- but if there's a silver lining to that, it's that it only augments the pure awesomeness of the more upbeat tracks here when they do occasionally show up. The vocal pattern of "Dirty Lips" is so, so catchy, the foot stompin' percussion and solidly placed backup vocals give "Crawling" a lot of life and the straight-up honky-tonk style of "Trainwreck" is loads of fun. And just so I'm not ignoring Jon Snodgrass here, his turn in the raw, driving "Sea Miner" is solid. Given the inconsistencies in production quality from song to song, no one will confuse Bad at Breaking Up with a proper, centrally focused studio record. But the lack of cohesion here is basically a moot point, largely in part because most of the songs are so f*cking good. Highly recommended for listeners old and new alike. --Punk News

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