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VA - Jazzy Lounge Vol.2 (2010)
MP3 @ 198 kbps CD | 44100Hz | Joint Stereo | Total Time: 71:01 min | 102 MB
Genre: Lounge, Lo-Fi, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul | Label: Universal Music | 14 tracks

Al Jarreau, George Benson, James Brown, Space Jazz Dub Men, Sofa Surfers.... Recommended!

Air - Moon Safari (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2008)
MP3 320 kbps | Label: Virgin,EMI Music | 1CD | 150 MB
Genre: Downtempo | Tracks:10

French duo Air's debut album is a superlatively happy collection of experimental disco-mood sound nestled between ambient soundscape and breathy pop. It's jazzy and melodic, and mostly laid-back, but not excessively so. There are a few shake-it, shake-it numbers, too, like the absurdly daft hit "Sexy Boy." It's snap your fingers and hang out (while reading) music or dance around sexy-slow with your mate music. It's also the perfect music to do your ironing or some other chore to; it's hypnotizing wallpaper music. It slips in and out of your consciousness, forcing you to move around with a relaxed smile before you even realize it. Oh, and contrary to sampler fashion, Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel played the instruments themselves. Bravo. --Mike McGonigal

Jose Padilla - El Sueno De Ibiza (Ibiza Dream) (2002)
MP3 VBR 196 Kbps | Label: DRO EastWest S.A. | 1CD | 180 MB
Genre: Chillout, Lounge, Nu Bossa

Jos Padilla (fl. since 1970s) is a Spanish disc jockey and producer of ambient music. He is best known for his work as DJ in the Caf del Mar bar in the island of Ibiza, and is considered responsible for popularizing electronic chill-out music.Born in Barcelona, Padilla moved to Ibiza in 1975, taking up the DJ residency at Cafe del Mar in 1991. In 1994, he compiled the first Cafe del Mar album for the React label. The series is now in its 16th volume and has spun off several related compilations, as well as leading to the creating of the bar's own eponymous label.

Various Artists - Smooth Jazz Lounge: Most Wanted
EAC | APE-CUE-LOG | MP3 320 kbit/s CBR | 72:54 Min | 429.06 Mb | 178.83 Mb | +Covers
Label: Music & Melodie/ZYX Music | Catalog #: MWO 10015-2
Original Release Date: April 09, 2005
Styles: Electronic, Ambient, Jazz-Lounge, Chill-Out

VA - Visions of Ibiza (2006)
MP3 | 256 Kbps CBR | Label: Compact Disc Club | 2 CD | 272 MB
Chillout, Mixed Ibiza | HS/FS/SM Links

Lemongrass - The 5th Dimension (2010)
MP3 320 CBR | 175 MB
Downtempo, Drum'n'Bass | Label: Lemongrassmusic | Depositfiles + Sharingmatrix

J. Arif Verner - A Vision Beyond Light
Electronica, Ambient, New Age | MP3 CBR 320k | 206 MB

J. Arif Verner brings his stream-of-consciousness style of musical artistry to the Spotted Peccary catalog with A Vision Beyond Light. Lush textural guitar beds with floating sequencer parts occasionally augmented by acoustic guitar, synth melodic motifs, and aolian wind harps comprise this excellent release.

Synthetic Block - Sonic Approach
Electronica, Ambient | MP3 CBR 320k | 203 MB

2003. This Hypnos/Binary debut by Synthetic Block blends "classic EM" elements with a more modern approach. It was mastered by Dave Fulton (who also played on one track) and is sonically amazing. One of the best things about running a small record label is the opportunity to help expose more people to artists like this one, whose work merits much wider exposure. Give it a listen!

Mark Rownd - Desert Waves
Electronica, Ambient, New Age, World | MP3 CBR 320k | 204 MB

Mark's first self-released CD, Desert Waves, is both rhythmically intricate and melodically subtle. Much like the experience of a desert landscape, a calm stillness in surroundings reveal an unexpected complexity for those who look beneath the surface. Orchestral and percussive synthesizer arrangements woven in a panoply of developing patterns touch and cajole, move and sway to an imaginary theme that reaches into our consciousness.

Markus Reuter - Digitalis
Electronica, Ambient | MP3 CBR 320k | 202 MB

2001. The first Hypnos release since November, and also the label debut by Markus Reuter. Based in Germany, Markus is a member of Europa String Choir, an instrumental group whose recent work has been released on Robert Fripp's DGM label. His two previous works in the ambient genre (as 1/2 of Centrozoon, and with Ian Boddy) were released on Boddy's DiN label, and both items have been very popular items at the Hypnos Online Store.

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