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Friends Of Carlotta - Live In Studio [XRCD 2] Audiophile Recording! скачать альбом

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Cover - front

Friends Of Carlotta - Live In Studio [XRCD 2]
EAC rip w/ CUE +Log | WavPack | full HQ Scans | 260 mb
Release 1999/2006 | Running time 36:34 |
Genre: Audiophile; Pop; Rock

"Friends of Carlotta" is an outstanding collection of music that was originally published in 1999 as a limited edition of only 2000 units. The recording process used was "Direct-to-Disc" from master disc. This album was used at many High End/High Fidelity shows as a demonstration of exceptionally high quality sound reproduction and brilliant artistic interpretation of music.

Clearaudio has purchased worldwide rights for "Friends of Carlotta" and has made it available for music lovers. This new disc was produced as a "Direct-to-Disc" from the original master tape production and is part of Clearaudio's Audiophile edition.

"We have been playing together in the most varied formations for what seems like forever...", this statement from the bandleader encompasses a repertoire, in itself complete, composed of oft-heard melodies combined with elements of Jazz and Blues. The long years of playing together makes it easier to harmonize - everyone knows instinctively what the other's capabilities are and what works and what doesn't. For this project, the "Friends of Carlotta" chose eight very suitable tracks - there are beautiful chorales, but also breathtaking solo-passages that highlight the advanced technology that was used.

All pieces on this recording are modified cover versions, combining the comfort of familiarity with the excitement of new accents; the production shines both technically and musically.

The musicians gathered for this special occasion, were an optimal line-up of friends that have known and worked with each other for a long time...

Burkhardt Eiben, guitar, vocals
Christiane Eiben, vocals
Christoph Jess, vocals, guitar
Maik Kroner, drums
Lutz Moller, keyboards
Grischka Zepf, bass

1. How Deep Is Your Love
2. Hello
3. Nothing Ever Happens
4. Fever
5. In the Air Tonight
6. Ain't No Sunshine
7. Walkin' In Memphis
8. Time After Time

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